Steganos Password Manager 2007

Steganos Password Manager 2007

Steganos Password Manager: Safely save and organize all the user passwords
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Steganos GmbH

Steganos Password Manager 2007 allows user to manage and organize passwords, user accounts, user names, credit card numbers, online logins, security code for cellular phone, etc.
User can manage all of them in a single place, encrypted, and protected by a general password which is the only one user has to remember. That password grants the user acces to all the stored sensible data.

When using Internet Explorer, the application saves the user name and password for each log on to web sites. Next time user visits the same web site, the application will automatically enter user name and password, so the log in process is completely automated with a single click.

All the password can be organized by cathegories the way user desires: web sites logins, pins, passwords, etc. Also, user can change this organization or modify any password directly in the Password Manager application.

The program includes a list of 'bad' passwords (easy to guess or imagine) so user is advised of not using these dangerous passwords. When user enters a password, the application uses a password security indicator before use it.

Sensible data encrypted and protected by a general password are good security guarantee.

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